About us

We are proud to be a tiny and distributed team with kick-ass skills on Software Development and UX Design allied to a fulfilling mission.

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We are

Why we are here

Fundamentally, we are in the Information Age.

In this world of exponential communication and creation it is more important than ever that we can comprehend and effectively use the technologies that surround us in order to leverage our positive impact in the world.

The txplab was created from the vision of a future with technologies that improve the quality of our lives and connections. And our mission is to collaborate with this future through useful knowledge and pragmatic implementation of new technologies which optimize our life experiences.

We help projects bootstrap, startups grow and organization innovate through the use of user-centered technologies.

How we move

We use technologies to leverage our skills and expand our communication. We put ourselves in the position of being able to choose quality instead of quantity and effective collaboration instead of location boundaries. We make up a distributed, lean and agile team, and, when necessary, we team up with other professionals and teams in our network to expand our capabilities.

We are specialists in our work fields so we need to be efficient in our crafts to deliver the best experiences and results. Nevertheless, we are also generalists in our vision so we can clearly understand the world around us and avoid bias from our specialties when creating solutions.

Our specialties diversify in areas between Software Development and UX Design, and converge in our focus to design, build and scale user-centered digital products. To reach these objectives, we use the best technologies for rapid prototyping and sustainable scalability allied to an agile development process and transparent communication.

We have awesome clients

"With wide experience in their fields, the txplab team is synonym of confidence and result. The work is always conducted in a professional and friendly fashion."

Gabriel Aleixo, Project Coordinator at Technology and Society Institute of Rio.

"They completely renewed the online presence of my company... They were capable of bringing us innovation while keeping the essence of our business."

Arnaldo Marques, Director at Techvet.